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After each commission I ask feedback from my clients.Here are their reviews, authorized for publishing :)

"We are so happy with the way in which Camila was able to transform our reference material into a piece that we will cherish for the rest of our lives."

Dan Chapin
full illustration commission


"I love your work with colors! It absolutely pops!"
"Just: thank you. Again. It looks great and I'm excited to use it as a profile pic."

Rory August
potrait commission


"Camila was so nice to work with. She was excited about my project from the beginning and brought lots of good energy. She incorporated and expanded upon all my suggestions.

The finished product is so cool and fun!"

Samuel C Curran
full body commission


"I was very happy with every step

of the process."

Riley Moore
full illustration commission


"When I first had the idea, I didn’t have a vision of precisely how I wanted to finished image to look. You have taken an idea and made it better than I could have hoped for!"

Ian Jenkins
full illustration commission


"The drawings created are absolutely incredible. Using the descriptions I provided, you were able to create the closest possible vision that I had inside my mind. That takes great talent to be able to take a vision of characters you never heard of before and able to create them very close to what the imagination had them to be for the client.

The facial features, the poses, the colors are well done. I could not have asked for

a better job."

Trivel B.
character design commissions


"Thank you so much for bringing my crazy idea to life. I’m so happy with how the final piece turned out. You have an uncanny ability to see the big idea I have in my head and putting it into color."

Lawrence Chia
full illustration commission



Kinsey Smith
full illustration commission


"Nope. You did good. You were in communication the whole time, kept sending me updates, I was very happy with the service."

Caleb Oddera
portrait commission


"Love the communication and the level

of input and insight during the process."

Kristian Halle
full illustration & portrait commissions


"You were so responsive and the art is absolutely stunning!!!!"

Yara Kodershah
full illustration commission


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